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One minute she was playing with her brothers and sisters, the next she was all alone in a strange place. No food, no water, and no comfy bed to sleep on. Will someone save this fluffy white puppy and help her find her forever home? The A Penny Saved series follows the exploits of a Great Pyrenees named Penny.

In A Lucky Penny, she is a lost puppy taken in by an incredible rescue organization, Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue, which helps find her forever home.

In the next five books, you will come to love this big white ball of fur when you get an inside look as she meets her new family and explores her new home. See how she fills her day with everything from swimming in the pond to greeting the school children on the buses that pass by. While her life is what most puppies dream of, there are still adventures and adversities that she will encounter, from having a new puppy brought home to finding out her mom has breast cancer.

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