I have received many emails and messages over the past week as a result of running the full page Becky ads in newspapers and here on Facebook. As you know, Becky’s passion was to encourage all women to get their checkups and not delay. Until this past week, I thought that if a woman did’t go to the oncologist it was because of fear or procrastination. I have learned there is a third reason. Money. Many women cannot even afford their co-pay (which is usually $50) to get to the doctor, let alone pay for any prescriptions that may result from the visit.

As a result, I am establishing a fund to help these women pay expenses that many of us take for granted.

I will be adding to the website (laff2live.com) a simple form to fill out requesting a financial scholarship to help offset these expenses.

No woman should ever face getting breast cancer because they cannot afford a doctor’s office visit.

Becky and I did not talk about this, frankly neither one of us was aware of how many face such dire straights. However, I am sure that Becky would approve of this fund.

Stay tuned for more info.



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