Getting Your Family On Board With Healthy Eating!

You might be all fired up about healthy eating… but what if your family’s not? You’ve had the wake up call. You jumped on the scale and the numbers staring up at you were a little too high. Something slapped you in the face about how you are feeling (hello!), or your...

Faith: Yes You Can!

GINA L. DIORIO    |   1:17PM    BOSTON, MA Washington, DC (LiveActionFilms) — For those of us who are runners or who follow running, this Monday is not your average Monday: it’s Boston Marathon Monday. And while thousands of runners gather to tackle the epic 26.2...

The Ancient Use of OILS

  Depending on whom you want to believe, there are upwards of 500 references to essential oils in the bible. The use of essential oils was one of the many wonderful things I was introduced to in my battle with breast cancer. I use many in my daily life for...



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